Deejay / Producer Tone Spliff Exclusive Big Noise Radio Interview

Deejay / Producer Tone Spliff Exclusive Big Noise Radio Interview
Deejay / Producer Tone Spliff Exclusive Big Noise Radio Interview

Renaissance Man. That term can get thrown around at times. But for some, it sticks. Count Tone Spliff in that category. Spliff is a multi-talented member of the Indie hip-hop scene who has been collaborating with many great hip-hop artists. Most in the game know all about him. But, if you don’t…you are about to find out about one of the producers blessing the indie scene with authentic hip-hop music and culture. Spliff had the chance to “rap” with Big Noise He talked with us about the actual factuals.

Q. Big Noise: Who is Tone Spliff?

A. Tone Spliff: Peace, I’m Tone Spliff, a producer/dj/video director & editor in Central NY (Utica, about 3-4 hrs from nyc) I got the name “Tone” from my first name Anthony….and “Spliff” is known as a joint of herbal medication, but I like to think of Spliff as a joint of hip hop…I’ve had this name since I was a teenager, so it stuck with me….and it just sounds right.

Q. Big Noise: How did you get from rapping, to DJ’ing, to producing, and now even video directing?

A. Tone Spliff: I started out rapping with a bunch of my close friends (Chemically Imbalanced Crew aka CIC), there was 8 of us, then we branched off and formed Mind Write Music (RIP Shalom Shazam). I never really liked the sound of my voice or taking the time to write rhymes, so I stopped and focused on beats and Dj’ing (which I was doing while I was rapping) I went to Herkimer Community College up here in CNY for Radio & TV back in 2001….so I’ve always been interested in camera work, so I recently bought a full HD cam and decided to do some music videos for fun…..and now a lot of people are wanting a video from me.

Q. Big Noise: What re the current projects you are working on?

A. Tone Spliff: Right now I’m working on my follow up to Authentic, my first compilation featuring: Copywrite, Krumbsnatcha, Born Talent, Special Teamz, Apathy, Royce 5’9 and more……my new compilation will be along the lines of my first compilation, some of the same artists, and some new. Here is some new artists: Craig G, Emilio Rojas, Blacastan, Termanology, El Da Sensei, Phil Da Agony, C Rayz Walz, A.G., Eternia, Rasco & Fresh Daily….and there’s even more that imp holding off on announcing!

Q. Big Noise: Have you ever thought about working in the Mainstream Hip-Hop industry? Making those Scott Starch dollars?

A: Tone Spliff: Scott Storch dollars lmao! I mean….its really about making hot music….some producers can bring indie/underground hip hop to the mainstream….look at Dj Premier working with Christina Aguilera, he had “Ain’t No Other Man” smashing the billboard and had 3 other bangin tracks on her Back 2 Basics album (props to her for doing that, cause she reached out to him)…then he worked with Ludacris on the song “MVP” on his Theater Of The Mind album (which also had a Scott Storch beat on it). So underground and mainstream can come together to create hot music…and if Taylor Swift needs a remix, im available….Taylor Swift prod by Tone Spliff has a nice ring to it haha.

Q. Big Noise: What’s next on your slate? For 2010? 2011?

A. Tone Spliff: Lots of music videos…look for 2 videos from Populah Da Man… a video for Awkword ft Poison Pen & Rustee Juxx *and* another Awkword ft Sha Stimuli & Viro.

Right now I just dropped “The Weight” a documentary about vinyl. Marc Tucci is the producer and my friend, and I basically took a day in NYC and stopped at Fat Beats and met up with Audible Doctor & Soul Khan….then stopped at Bleeker Street Records, and got some people shopping for vinyl…..along with some other dj’s and internet submissions, i made a 25 minute documentary.

And I also have: Rhyme Therapy “Damn Beer” / Kollision “Get Ya Mind Write” & “24hr Freestyle” / & Random Crate 1 & 2 out there. Here’s my youtube channel link: Shout out to Kollision & Mister Sell for getting into Grind Time….they are about to murder the battle scene.

And I’m working on my new compilation, I’m finishing scratch hooks & looking for a singer for 1 track….I’m about to have a contest for Emcees to submit their hottest 16 bars, and $10 submission fee to appear on my compilation w/ a well known artist!!! That’s in the works now….I gotta do 2 more songs, one with Jukstapose and one with my homey Sean.

On top of all that….I’m working a normal day job….and looking for someone that wants to master some tracks for the exposure….preferably someone with experience and is trustworthy.

Q. Big Noise: For those in the Indie Hip-hop game, or trying to get in it, can you tell them how to make money in it? That a career can be made in Indie Hip-hop?

A. Tone Spliff: You can make money in indie hip hop if you do it right….if your a producer, you have to come with that heat, for the artist your working with….if your a rapper, you have to write some clever lines……if the beat or vocals sound right, you’ll get people to contact you for work….the internet is great for networking, you just have to know where to look.

A career can be tough, I’m still working a normal day job….if your looking to make music a career, be prepared to travel…cause money comes from shows and selling merch at the gigs…I would suggest getting a manager and investor that will manage and invest in you…..until then, hip hop doesn’t have benefits.

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Artist Contact Info:
Tone Spliff | Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp | YouTube

Keep hip-hop alive… Big Noise Radio for authentic hip-hop music and culture from Tone Spliff!

Article: Greg Simms Jr
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Tone Spliff

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