Detroit Crew The Regiment “A New Change” Exclusive Interview

Detroit Crew The Regiment “A New Change” Exclusive Interview
Detroit Crew The Regiment “A New Change” Exclusive Interview

If you don’t know about The Regiment then it might be time to get familiar… The Regiment has been putting it down now for over 5 years, hailing from Detroit they were one of the groups signed to the Rawkus 50 back in the day. Their get down is all about authentic hip-hop music and community respect. They’ve been one of the groups who chart regularly on the worldwide BNR Top 21. Their company Soul Fixin’ Music just got worldwide distribution and they’re ready to put in that work. Their recent release contain features from Kev Brown, Kam Moye (Supastition) and Finale. The quality of the hip-hop they bring to the table is world class!

Q. Big Noise: Why did you choose the name A New Change for the EP?

A. IseQold: Well actually it was more of a collaborative name that we all came up with. I think we {O.S.I. and I} wanted to stick with something that was more along the lines of the first LP and hold true to the idea. We feel like the EP is a good representation of what the first project embodied though every song was not included from the LP.

A. O.S.I.: Basically we wanted to keep the same theme as “A New Beginning“, but find something that complemented the producer, Soulution. Subliminal Thought (The Regiment+ Soulution) came about from us trying to find a perfect way to describe going against the grain in comparison with current day hip hop music, being able to express one’s self, and having the potential to reach anyone who enjoys our music.

Q. Big Noise: Since the first album what has life been like?

A. IseQold: Life has been crazy to say the least. To be honest there are so many things going on right now with the new project that we are working on and promoting what we have already done that it seems unrealistic. I never knew that at 23 I would have an album in indie spotlight on itunes with other artists I looked up to, it’s just crazy.

A. O.S.I.: Things have been hectic! Being independent and being your own boss can be very frustrating at times, but it’s all about finding a balance in-between being an artist/business man. They both must have the same dedication and hard work ethic.

Q. Big Noise: What makes this project special for you two?

A. IseQold: The fact that we get to work with new production from overseas is an amazing thing to me. I mean it is one thing to get love from fans here at home or from someone else inside the country.

A. O.S.I.: Being able to work with Soulution was very dope! It’s always cool to work with a new producer, and Soulution brought a lot to the table

Q. Big Noise: Who is Soulution?

A. O.S.I.: He is a producer who is based out of the Netherlands. He hit me up on MySpace and told me he started listening to hip-hop at a young age and then began spinning hip-hop records somewhere around 1999. He always wanted to be a part of this genre of music and make his own mark in hip hop. He sent over some classics, one thing led to another, and there you have it, “A New Change”

Q. Big Noise: Tell us about Shine Through?

A. O.S.I.:The remix actually came from an album called “Shine Through”. It’s about letting all the positive things in life happen and it motivates people to achieve success. Supastition (Kam Moye ) wrote the title track and came up with the concept. Goontrax released the album on March 18th, 2009 in Japan.

Q. Big Noise: What can fans expect for the future?

A. IseQold: Well we have got some new things cooking up with our sophomore project we are going to be releasing later on in 2010. We also have some things in the works as far as merchandising which fans should be ready for. I don’t want to give too much away but I am sure that fans will be happy with the results.

A. O.S.I.:Classics! Real talk the new project, God willing, is going to make a tremendous impact on Hip Hop and listeners. 2010 is going to be crazy!

Q. Big Noise: What do you guy’s think about the music industry today?

A. IseQold: To be honest the current state of the hip hop game is the lowest I have ever seen it. I could not imagine it getting any worse. I hate listening to the radio and most so called artist that have emerged in the past 3 to 5 years are disappointing at best with acceptation to J Cole and Drake. There is actually a rapper so bad that we have become motivated to work harder at music though named Lil B. He actually makes us feel bad to rap and be black. But, we think all in all it is just time for those who love real music to start showing more support to good indie hip hop.

Q. Big Noise: Any comments on the recent passing of Guru aka Gang Starr?

A. O.S.I.: We were both totally shocked at the passing of Guru. He was a legend, and not having him around as he was one of the most well known Emcees from us coming up was sad. We wish his family well and hope to make half as significant an impact as he did on music.

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