Bodega Brovas Feat The Regiment “The Show Goes On” Project

Bodega Brovas Feat The Regiment “The Show Goes On” Project
Bodega Brovas Feat The Regiment “The Show Goes On” Project

Worlds collide as HiPNOTT Records labelmates The Regiment and Bodega Brovas join forces for this Beatnick Dee-produced track, “The Show Goes On”. This song serves as The Regiment’s May leak for their First Mondays monthly series, as well as the Bodega Brovas’ leak in their 1st & 15th monthly series. Both groups have been giving fans new music in their respective ongoing series in promotion of their upcoming albums due this fall on HiPNOTT Records. The Regiment will release The Panic Button in September and the Bodega Brovas will follow with their album in October. For now, keep it locked on the 1st and 15th and the first Monday of each month for your Bodega Brovas and The Regiment fix!

The Bodega Brovas "The Show Goes On" Feat The Regiment | YouTube Video

The Regiment: Modern day hip hop has become a battleground where false messiahs of materialism have often gained the upper hand, but MCs OSI and IseQold of the Regiment are the positive force for change in music. OSI had originally formed the Regiment as a vehicle to showcase his skills along with those of his partner C. Reid. Based in Detroit, they had done several shows locally before being selected to be part of the Rawkus 50, a compilation selected by Rawkus Records that represented a who’s who of today’s hottest emerging Hip Hop artists. The project was a success and the Regiment stood alongside some of the best emcees in the nation …while that would’ve been enough for some, OSI wanted more.

After the departure of Reid, OSI connected with IseQold, another Detroit MC who also shared a desire to make music that could speak to more than the materialistic. The battle for the soul of hip hop has been ongoing, but rather than simply watch and complain, OSI and Ise redefined the Regiment as something more than just two men. A regiment is comprised of a number of people fighting for a common cause, and when the cause is something as vast as hip hop itself, there’s no way two individuals alone can get the job done.

OSI and IseQold now lead the Regiment, a collective of fans and music lovers who want more from their music and are willing to join the battle. Dealing with the everyday struggles of trying to make it in a sometimes brutal world, the Regiment leaves the gold plated fantasies to others. Taking cues from artists diverse as KRS-1 and J-Dilla, the Regiment lyrically mixes the uplifting as well as the painfully truthful with production that hankers back to the days when hip hop wasn’t a dirty word, when people of all ages could listen and enjoy musical truth …back when hip-hop was in the Golden Era.

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The Bodega Brovas: “Three mc’s from various parts of the country went to the same party one night, got cool and started working on music together”. Bodegas are commonly known as independent mom and pop stores in any respectable neighborhood. You can cop candy, sandwiches and sometimes weed all from the same spot. Musically, The Bodega Brovas are the same way….

Travii the 7th (the white guy) , who hails from Chicago, is the serious anti establishment MC in the crew. His unique delivery and world view keeps “The Brovas” grounded. Keynote (the Latin guy) , hails out of Dallas and is currently a host on the #1 night show in Dallas on 97.9 The Beat. Don’t let the radio thing fool you. Key’s rhymes are just as bizarre as his on-air persona. Last but not least there’s Headkrack (the black guy), who hails from the Bronx, NY. He is currently a co-host on the nationally syndicated Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Collectively these three manage to cover the full spectrum of what’s missing in hip hop. Most importantly, FUN!

The Bodega Brovas have spent the better parts of the last 3 years touring the US and abroad and their debut album We Got It features production from a virtual who’s who in the world of hip hop. Their subject matter is diverse throughout the album and hits on random topics such as substance abuse “Make You Cry”, the state of music sales “Keep the Vibe”, and just having a good time ”Live it Up”.

Previous Singles: Now Or Never, These Eyes, On My Way

Look for The Bodega Brovas to drop their next album on HiPNOTT Records in 2011!

Keep it locked to Big Noise Radio for authentic hip-hop music from The Regiment & Bodega Brovas!

Article: Soulfixn’
Editor: Noiseman
Photo: Soulfixn’

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