Detroit Artists The Lyricists “Constructicons Mixtape” Release

Detroit Artists The Lyricists “Constructicons Mixtape” Release
Detroit Artists The Lyricists “Constructicons Mixtape” Release

Jewan Reed a.k.a. Rym-B, a native Detroiter, and Robert “Scooter” Johnson a.k.a. Illtone a native of Port Huron, MI, are your quintessential, in the truest definition of the word, emcees for the group. Class and quality being their watchword, their strong stage presence, witty lyrics and adept delivery make them the one-two punch combo that provides both a wildly entertaining stage show and superior lyrical content on albums.

Hailing from the city of Port Huron, Michigan, a city at the end of Detroit’s “Automation Alley” with a population of just over 32,000, this dynamic duo crafts a sound that not only embodies the true-school elements of Hip-Hop, but also keeps pace with the cutting edge of what lyrical virtuosos ought to be. The Lyricists, a name very appropriate in defining their style.

The Lyricists are no strangers to the grind that is trying to gain exposure with what they know is quality Hip-Hop. Beginning with their debut album “Outta Nowhere” (2000) The Lyricists have dropped three LPs, an EP and a mixtape. They are currently and tirelessly performing a full schedule of live shows while concurrently working on two additional EPs with two separate producers. Somehow, despite their already grueling schedule, they also make it a point to keep the freshness coming by dropping a mixtape before the release of each EP. Their most recent project the “Constructicons Mixtape” came out in September of 2010. In a time where listeners’ attention spans are shorter, and MP3 libraries grow to extraordinary proportions, The Lyricists are sure to fill the demand of fans wanting more and more from their favorite artists.

The Lyricists "Construsticons Mixtape" | Bandcamp Audio Stream

Published on August 31, 2010: The Lyricists “Constructicons Mixtape” Audio Stream via Band Camp.

The Lyricists "Transmittin Live" Produced by Prologic | YouTube Music Video

Published in 2009: The Lyricists “Transmittin Live” Produced by Know-It-All & Prologic.

“Outta Nowhere” was only the beginning. The Lyricists sophomore effort, “Anti-Industry” (2003) was their opposition to the virtual machine that controls the commercial hip-Hop scene. While it may have seemed like foreshadowing at the time, this concept still rings true today. Their third album “L3” (2005), short for Level 3, symbolized their third effort of professional production together and their motivation to always elevate as artists. “Get Heard or Die Tryin” (2007) was the first of what will prove to be a number of mixtapes used to quench their fans thirst for more material. The project being 25 tracks featured more than a dozen guest emcees and several guest producers. Using social networking and live performance contacts, The Lyricists were receiving instrumental tracks from all over the globe to make the mixtape. The first of their 3 installments of EPs was released in 2009, titled: “Transmittin’ Live” it was the first release under a label. Baltimore, Maryland’s Bmore Original Records was the label and the album was co-produced by DJ Excel who is the founder as well as an artist for Bmore. “Transmittin’ Live” was received and reviewed well by several different media outlets including and Real Detroit Magazine which review it as one of the top 10 Detroit Hip-Hop albums of 2009. The trilogy of EPs will be complete within a year’s time and will include: “Transmittin’ Live”, a second EP with their long time producer Know-It-All, and a third with another long-time producer by the name of Prologic. Each of the EPs will cover a different media theme that is used to express music: radio, media and videos. Prologic and Know-It-All have been integral parts of The Lyricists creative network. Along with former DJs Speed and Haus Diesel and current DJ Davey the Love Terrorist a.k.a Davey D, and Lee Hoffman, studio manager and engineering extraordinaire, the Lyricists have a close network of very talented supporting cast members to best put an exclamation point on their, hard punch lines and on-point rhymes.

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