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MPC 2KXL APP Sound Mgt App MPC 2000XL | Free Download


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    MPC 2000XL APP For The MPC 2000XL Drum Machine | Free Download

    You have an MPC 2000XL and you want to load your sounds easily? Managing sounds for the MPC 2000XL can be time consuming when you do it within the MPC. Creating MPC programs (kits) on your PC is much more efficient because of the graphic / mouse interface. This application allows you do just that. Install this software on your computer. Chop sounds and samples in your favorite audio editing program. Arrange them on the Virtual MPC with the MPC 2KXL App. Save program/s to your media (floppy, zip, compact-flash) then load them into your MPC 2000XL. This software is made for you!

    Drag your sounds on the pads:
    You can drag the sounds from your computer onto the pads. You can also load them from the menu. The sounds are loaded on the next empty pads.

    Save your program:
    You can save your program with the sounds, even if the sounds don’t come from the same place. They will be placed in the same folder.

    Load it into the MPC:
    Load the folder in the MPC 2000XL. It will import all the sounds that are in the folder. That’s it ! You can play now with the sequencer.

    Drag and drop features:

    drag one or more sounds on a pad and it will fill the next empty pad/s on the MPC.
    drag one or more sounds on the sample listing, and it will fill the first empty pad/s on the MPC.

    Next, you have menu items:

    Creates an empty pgm file, the pads are set in a chromatic order.

    Open an existing pgm file. You can open the ones you already built with the MPC 2000XL.

    Save & Save As:
    You can save only the PGM file, or you can save the sounds with it. The sounds will be copied in the same folder as the PGM file, exactly like on the MPC.

    Load Sounds:
    Load the sounds files on the first empty pad. If there are several sounds, they will be copied on all the empty pads next to first one.

    Support: For support please see the App Developer ~ Please take time to DONATE if you like the MPC 2KXL App.


    • Drag & Drop Sounds to MPC Program
    • Export MPC Programs to Desired Media
    • Improve Sampling Workflow
    • Edit Sounds on PC, Migrate to MPC

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