Wayne Draztik & Sleepy Biggs “Smokers Cough” Digital Album

Wayne Draztik & Sleepy Biggs “Smokers Cough” Digital Album
Wayne Draztik & Sleepy Biggs “Smokers Cough” Digital Album

What’s real? What’s Detroit? Answers await inside Smoker’s Cough, the new collabo album from Detroit hip-hop crew United States of Mind (USM) members W. Draztik and Sleepy Biggs. Draztik’s intense vocals and assaulting flow make for a potent and heady combo when paired up with Sleepy’s smoked-out production and crushing, live feel. Built off samples from the grimiest crates Detroit has to offer, Smoker’s Cough pays its respects to the freshness of the golden age, while blasting your eardrums the future now. With guest spots by USM cohorts Asylum 7, D. Allie, 5-ill and Metasyons and fellow Detroit underground legend Miz Korona, Smoker’s Cough is most definitely the latest classic, A True Detroit original.

About USM: USM (United States of Mind) is a collective of diverse, yet like-minded individuals who have come together to advance today’s stagnant hip-hop culture. The collective consists of five emcees (Asylum 7, Metasyons, W. Draztik, 5-Ill, & D. Allie) and two dj’s/producers (Crate Digga & Sleepy Biggs). Flexing an array of musical styles and influences, this distinct batch of artists provides a fresh and innovative approach to the art form, merging new school lyricism with old school foundation and ethics forged in Detroit’s blue-collar blood. Ever since their formation in early 2007, they have taken huge strides for themselves and the music, & by building an impressive catalog of award winning releases & having completed their first North American Tour “Clipped Wings” spanning the US & Canada in the Spring/Summer 2010. USM has shared the stage with many of hip-hop’s elite, such as Zion I, OneBeLo, Ill Bill, Sean Price, R.A. The Rugged Man, Blueprint, Phat Kat, and Souls of Mischief. “USM continues to stun audiences with their energetic live show while impressing critics with their recordings” Real Detroit Weekly (Best Hip-Hop group of 2008 honors) “New York has Wu-Tang Clan. Detroit has United States of Mind” Metro Times (Best Hip-Hop group of 2010 honors).

Wayne Draztik & Sleepy Biggs "The Rest Did It For Checks" | YouTube Video

Wayne Draztik & Sleepy Biggs "Smokers Cough" | Bandcamp Audio Stream

Tracklisting “Smokers Cough”
01. Smokers Intro 02:10
02. Dag Nabbit! Ft. Metasyons 02:42
03. Life is a Hustle 03:32
04. Break the Mold Ft. USM 03:14
05. Lifestyles 03:56
06. Psycho 04:52
07. Ringmaster 03:02
08. You & I Ft. Asylum 7 04:34
09. Doris 03:02
10. The Rest Did it for Checks 03:11
11. Supa Dupa Flow Ft. 5-ill 03:46
12. Wha’cha Doin To Me? Ft. Miz Korona 02:43
13. Smokers Outro 02:10
14. Trash 03:46

Artist Contact Info:
USM | Facebook

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Article: Wanja
Editor: Noiseman
Image: I.S.L.H.E.R.

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