Queens Represent “My Mic Sounds Nice” Female Hip Hop History

Queens Represent “My Mic Sounds Nice” Female Hip Hop History
Queens Represent “My Mic Sounds Nice” Female Hip Hop History

Greetings Relatives, the other night BET premiered their first music documentary “My Mic Sounds Nice” about the history of representation of females in hip hop & asked the question where is she now? Something I have been telling people in the past 7 years I have been rapping professionally is that Hip Hop isn’t dead it just needs a balance it needs a queen.. but not just one “queen” it needs the balance of the feminine power.

As many of you may know I have been touring and performing with the best of them from Wu Tang Clan to opening up for Christina Aguilera to even headlining my own shows. I have an album in stores now called “God.Love & Music” – Best Buy, FYE, Walmart (Canada), and in all digital stores internationally. I have great followers on twitter / facebook / myspace, and other social networking sites. I do allot in the community nationally by spearheading a national fund-raising event called Hip Hop 4 Haiti. I assisted the Hon. Min.Louis Farrakhan and Martin Luther King III on bridging Indigenous nations together and training of cultural sensitivity. As well as a published writer in The Final Call newspaper and the list can go on and on.

I have many people I know in the entertainment industry I have met that are in positions to be able to assist me, but instead they may call me or email me and tell me “Great job Queen! I see you!” So after seeing the documentary it saddened me that we have let go of the women completely. We have left her alone. We have soo many single mothers raising these children without men in the home, we have so many misguided young girls because the only representation they see of themselves in entertainment are video vixens or sex kittens, or disrespectful women in power. I was raised by a strong Native American mother, who was an activist, so I had her as a role model in my home. But not every young girl has that privilege.

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad said that “No Nation Can Rise No Higher than Its Woman”, with that being said the state of hip hop is the state of the woman. But, we still need strong minded men with a vision to plant those seeds so we can grow. Because the entertainment industry is a male dominated industry many of them do not want to plant seeds into a female rapper that has knowledge of self or has the qualities of being a great role model. Many of the men in this industry go for what’s easy and less maintenance by planting their seeds into spoiled earth that can’t bear fruit. It’s easier to dumb people down than to uplift people. This is the state of emergency we are in right now!!

The Truth About Women & Hip Hop "My Mic Sounds Nice" BET | YouTube Video

In order to correct this epidemic, us queenz in Hip Hop need the strong but visionaries of men to stand up, take a leap of faith into these females in hip hop. We see it happen in R&B all the time, who would’ve thought that reggae / r&b singer Rihanna would’ve turned into a Pop phenomenon? But it took a leap of faith of Jay Z to sign her into Def Jam. Why can’t we see this in Hip Hop? Are these male execs so insecure that he feels that the women will take his position in hip hop that he doesn’t even give her a chance? So real Kingz in Hip Hop stand up, promoters,media execs, investors,sponsors become visionaries, trendsetters go against the grain and everyone else will follow suit and we will ALL benefit from it, and be the best kingz n queenz we are destined to be!

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Article: Queen YoNasDa
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Queen

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