Canadian Emcee Muneshine Exclusive Big Noise Radio Interview

Canadian Emcee Muneshine Exclusive Big Noise Radio Interview
Canadian Emcee Muneshine Exclusive Big Noise Radio Interview

Canada has made huge noise in hip-hop throughout the recent years. On the mainstream front, you’ve got Drake and Boi 1 Da. On the Indie side, there’s Eternia & Moss, as well as Kid Famous to name a few. You can also add Muneshine to the underground list list of Canadian underdogs. The Emcee from the North has been busy with several projects lately, while making noise doing shows and creating internet buzz. Muneshine took a little time out to chop it up with Big Noise Radio and talk about his independent grind.

Q. Big Noise: You’re an Emcee from Canada, a place that’s been a Hip-Hop hotbed for the past year or so (Drake, Boi 1 Da, etc.). What’s behind the sudden influx of Canadian Hip-Hop?

A. Muneshine: Drake and Boi 1nda have definitely done remarkable things in the past year, its very inspiring! That said, there’s no real influx in Canadian hip hop. These guys were here putting in work (like the rest of us) long before Drake linked with Wayne/Young Money. Of course having someone blow up on the level Drake has is going to turn the satellites in our direction, and that’s a great thing. I’m looking forward to the day when being both a Canadian hip hop artist and an international success isn’t such an anomaly.

Q. Big Noise: You are currently working on two new projects. The effort with Ghettosocks, what’s the name of the record? What are the lead single/singles for the record?

A. Muneshine: Sure am! Together Ghettosocks and I go by the name Twin Peaks. The record is tentatively called ‘Kissing Hands & Shaking Babies’. It features an array of heavy-hitting producers from around the globe and combines braggadocious rhymes and concepts with David Lynch-ian themes. I’m very excited about this record! We’re about to hit the road here in Canada and over in Europe to start promotion as well. We have 3 videos ready to drop, and another in the works, so we haven’t picked a lead single yet. That said, you can check out some of our work at

Q. Big Noise: What can you tell us about the upcoming mixtape “Making Magic”? What’s the overall sound of it?

A. Muneshine: Making Magic is a free album I’ve put together to hold people down who are ready for new material and also to hopefully build some more buzz and reach new listeners. Its a collection of new all-original material, featuring production from Oddisee, M-Phazes, Illmind, myself and many more. I kept the features to a minimum on this one, but the usual cats I’m working with have all contributed. I’m really happy with this project and I’m excited to get it out there! It’s mixed by my boy DJ Sonik (France/Brazil) and hosted by Ghettosocks.

Q Big Noise: When are you dropping your next solo album? What kind of heat do you have in store?

A. Muneshine: My next solo album, The Rat Race, is nearly through the pre-production phase. I’m working with a few different artists on this one and I’m really trying to push myself creatively and conceptually. For the true-school heads, an exciting additional to the production line-up is Buckwild (D.I.T.C.) who’s contributed 3 tracks. I’m not rushing this record though, I have a clear vision of how I want it to sound and what I’m trying to say with it. Since I’m working on so many other projects at the moment it’s likely The Rat Race won’t be coming out until next year.

Q. Big Noise: What are your other plans for the future, career-wise?

A. Muneshine: I’m getting ready to set off 2 (hopefully 3) tours this fall with Ghettosocks (in support of the Twin Peaks record and our solo ventures). We’ll be touring across eastern Canada in July, then over to Europe for August. From there we’re hoping to finally get out to Japan as well. Otherwise I’m working on The Birthday Boys record with D-Sisive and a few other exciting projects on the production side of things (Red Haskel – Connecticut, Fice – Washington, as well as a lot of work with local up-and-coming artists in Toronto). I’m also preparing to launch my blog in conjunction with the Making Magic project. There’s a lot in the works and a lot coming soon!

Ghettosocks & Muneshine "Kissing Hands And Shaking Babies" | Bandcamp

Keep your eye out for Muneshine, he represents a worldwide movement of independent artists taking back the hip-hop culture for the good of the art-form. Putting in that everyday hustle and contributing to a legacy of soulful music and culture… hip-hop stand up!

Artist Contact Info:
Muneshine | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

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Article: Greg Simms Jr
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Muneshine

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