Lewis Parker ”The Puzzle Episode One, THE BIG GAME” UK Album

Lewis Parker ”The Puzzle Episode One, THE BIG GAME” UK Album
Lewis Parker ”The Puzzle Episode One, THE BIG GAME” UK Album

The EMU SP-1200 has definitely defined its place within the underground production community. It was the drum machine & sampler combo that held legendary status among underground rap and hip-hop artists during the eighties and nineties. For those who know this machine has that big heavy sound that hits you in the chest at the venue when the track comes on. The SP was originally released in 1987 in the well known Emu blue then re-released in 1997 as a black unit.

We recently came across Lewis Parker smashing on the SP with some hot production reminiscent of that golden era sound. The London born producer hails as the man with the golden sound. The music has that 70’s underground movie feel. Definitely peep those black-exploitation snips in his videos giving them that grimy feel, the presentation is very creative check out Heavy Action (shown below) featuring clips from a Jim Brown movie. Hip-hop heads stand up…raise your fist for Lewis Parker!

LEWIS PARKER ”The Puzzle, Episode One: THE BIG GAME” release February 2011 on Band Camp via King Underground Records (vinyl sold out) & The WODV, In Association With Dephect. During the initial release of this project there was a signed Polaroid picture of Lewis Parker, the SP master at work in the studio, available for the first 20 customers to pre-order direct through KingUnderground dot com.

The UK hip hop legend Lewis Parker with his use of the classic SP-1200 and dusty vinyl, fully captures the trademark gritty, dirty sound of the 90’s era that’s so missed from the game right now. The Puzzle brings an energy, love and enthusiasm for the culture that isn’t felt in a lot of releases nowadays. The long awaited LP finally will drop on wax! Featuring: Steele (Smith N Wesson), Ace Lover, Tah Born & Dynas. These brothers are definitely about to pull an International Takeover. Check the album below.

This is KingUnderground’s & The World of Dusty Vinyl’s first collabo together. We are really pleased to be working on this project & expect plenty more from WODV & KingUnderground Records!

Lewis Parker "The Puzzle: Episode One, The BIG Game" | Bandcamp Audio

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Lewis Parker | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

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Editor: Noiseman
Image: Lewis Parker

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