United Kingdom Producer Endemic Exclusive Big Noise Interview

United Kingdom Producer Endemic Exclusive Big Noise Interview
United Kingdom Producer Endemic Exclusive Big Noise Interview

Endemic – producer / record label owner from Nottingham UK, working with US and UK / European artists, producing high quality projects and songs. Mid to late nineties sounds from New York have strongly influenced his style and has earned production credits with the likes of many hip-hop emcees… We recently caught up with Endemic to ask him a few questions about his get down.

Big Noise: Peace Endemic…. what city are you from?

A. Endemic: Peace! I’m from Nottingham UK

Q. Big Noise: When did you get your start in hip-hop music?

A. Endemic: I had a few cuts on Stateside Mixtapes in 2008, and in early 2009 released my debut album “Terminal Illness” which featured Killah Priest, Sean Price, Ruste Juxx, Planet Asia, Hell Razah, the Wisemen & many more. The album was signed by NYC label Money Maker and I got flown to New York to carry out a promo tour including instore at the legendary Fat Beats record store. Which is of course now gone so I was happy to have done that. It was an amazing start that I’ll never forget ya know.

Q. Big Noise: What has changed in the game since you started?

A. Endemic: I don’t think much has changed on the underground level to be honest, still alot of good music being made, the mainstream stuff has gotten worse though!

Q. Big Noise: Who or what inspires you to create music?

A. Endemic: Some different things, soul music, working with new artists, stuff going on in my life – I think my mood at the time can dictate what kind of track i make.

Q. Big Noise: Do you considered your style of rap conscious music?

A. Endemic: Yeah, alot of the main artists I work with come with very conscious lyrics such as Hell Razah, Cyrus Malachi etc.

Q. Big Noise: Think we need more music with positive messages, how do you feel about commercial radio?

A. Endemic: Yeah there’s always room for more positive vibes its somthing that we all need to come back alot more because all the kids hear now is garbage lyrics on the commercial radio staions. People now need to search & dig for music with a little more substance; its almost gone from big stations & mainstream media.

Q. Big Noise: How is the hip hop scene in Nottingham?

A. Endemic: Yeah we got alot of dope artists here and the scene has a big history. Cats like the P Brothers, Cappo & Scorzayzee been putting out great music for well over 10 years now.

Q. Big Noise: What can you tell us about the last project you put out?

A. Endemic: On the label side I released Cyrus Malachi’s debut “Ancient Future” in April of this year to a great response via my No Cure Records imprint / IDC distribution in Cali. On the production side Duckdown records released a project I produced for Ruste Juxx “Adamantine” in september 2010. That featured Ill Bill, General Steele of Smif n Wesson, Skyzoo, Torae, Supreme of Boot Camp Clik & many more.

Q. Big Noise: Do you have any favorite producers?

A. Endemic: Favorite producers of all time have to be The Rza, 4th Disciple, Pete Rock, Dj muggs, Premier & Showbiz.

Q. Big Noise: Are there any new releases we should know about?

A. Endemic: Yeah Money Maker Ent / EMI Music usa are releasing my 2nd album in summer 2012 “Terminal Illness part 2” So far this features Masta Killa, Tragedy Khadafi, Ruste Juxx, Dom Pacino, Killah Priest, Hell Razah, Shabazz the disciple, Bronze Nazareth & The Wisemen, Shabam Sahdeeq, Supreme, Cyrus Malachi, Bugsy Da God & Shaka. The album is about 50% complete so keep em peeled for the rest of the featured emcees! – I’m also working on collaboration albums with Hell Razah & Bronze Nazareth / Kevlaar 7 which should hopefully both be out in 2012 so keep a look out for those too..

Q. Big Noise: Do you have any upcoming shows?

A. Endemic: I’ll be doing tours for the new album in the fall 2012. Peace & thanks for reaching out!

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Interview: Big Noise
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Endemic

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