Emcee Koncept Project “Awaken” Exclusive Big Noise Interview

Emcee Koncept Project “Awaken” Exclusive Big Noise Interview
Emcee Koncept Project “Awaken” Exclusive Big Noise Interview

Koncept is a down emcee representing the hip-hop movement with serious conviction. Check the recent release of “Awaken” now available on iTunes. The debut video “Aspirations” from the 11 track project featuring Soul Khan showcases the raw talent brought fourth by this aspiring emcee. The cinematography and effects are innovative, the team definitely brings it home with this quality independent video. You may also want to peep the video “Getting Home” both of these videos are done in HD. Koncept and Soul Khan have been charting on the BNR Top 21 worldwide charts.

Q. Big Noise: What’s good Koncept, where are you from?
A. Koncept: Born and raised in Queens, NY. Spent some time drinking in Warwick, NY, and Burlington, VT. Now residing in Brooklyn.

Q.Big Noise: What was your first experience with hip-hop culture?
A. Koncept: Writing graffiti when I was 7 with my big homie, Neptune.

Q. Big Noise: When did you start making hip-hop music?
A. Kncept: I got my first pair of turntables when I was 11. Free-styling for fun came shortly after. Midway through high school I started to take it more seriously. When I was in college was when I realized I wanted to finish school as soon as possible to give 135% to my music.

Q. Big Noise: Can you tell us how you usually come up with ideas for your songs?
A. Koncept: Usually I let the beat rock and let it tell me what it wants me to say. It’s the beat that sets the tone for everything. You’ll hear a lot of personal stuff on “Awaken”. Go! Go! Listen.

Q. Big Noise: Tell us what’s your favorite hip-hop album of all time?
A. Koncept: It’s hard to pick just one, but Nas “Illmatic”, Wu-Tang “Enter the 36 Chambers”, A Tribe Called Quest “Midnight Maurauders” are some of the albums that made me the artist I am today.

Q. Big Noise: Are there any producers in the business you’d like to work with?
A. Knocept: DJ Premier!

Q. Big Noise: Do you consider yourself an independent or underground artist?
A. Koncept: I am an independent artist. Let the success come! haha

Q. Big Noise: Where do you see yourself in the game 5 years from now?
A. Knocept: Living in a castle in the Bahamas. haha Nah. Just making the music I love. Traveling and performing, and having a great time! Hopefully making enough money to have an even better time.

Q. Big Noise: What was the inspiration for the “Awaken” project?
A. Koncept: It’s my first born. Awaken is the introduction into who I am. Before we can step further into my career, my life, I wanted the people to understand who I am as a person, and as an artist. I’m just like you, you, and you. I’ve been through shit just like everybody else. Relationships, lost friendships, death of loved ones, shitty days, good days. Now I’m taking all the negative stuff and putting it behind me. I’m moving forward, and it’s time to make some great things happen in my life.

Q. Big Noise: The “Aspirations” video is dope, can you tell us more about the video?
A. Koncept: The video was shot by my good friends, and the very talented Hyer Ground crew. My homie, the OG, Papito is in it. The ladies love Papito.

Q. Big Noise: Where can your fans find your latest releases?
A. Koncept: You can go buy the album “Awaken” on iTunes, or pick up the physical product, and feel it in real life over at Fat Beats or Underground Hiphop Dot Com.

Q. Big Noise: Can you tell us about any future projects in the works?
A. Koncept: I’m working on a album with DJ Brace. 2 Brown Bag AllStars EPs coming in the very near future, as well as our debut album as a group. Gonna be monstrous! Then my next solo album will be fully produced by Hermano, J57.

Q. Big Noise: Any show or tours coming up that we should know about?
A. Knocept: We’re having the album release party for “Awaken” on February 2nd at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, NY. Setting up a Canadian tour possibly in the Spring. Possibly some Europe dates as well. We’re working out all the dates and details right now.

Q. Big Noise: Got any advice for aspiring artist trying to break in to the business?
A. Koncept: You need to work harder than everybody else. Be yourself, and make the music that you genuinely love. People will appreciate it, and your fans will grow. A good marketing strategy is always a great idea as well. Oh yeah, be patient. This doesn’t happen overnight. And if it does, it will fold overnight as well. And don’t forget to show love and support to other artists around you. We can all be successful together. A team is stronger than an individual.

Artist Contact Info:
Koncept | Facebook | Twitter | Website

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Interview: Big Noise
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Koncept

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