New Orleans Artist Hasheem Amin Exclusive Big Noise Interview

New Orleans Artist Hasheem Amin Exclusive Big Noise Interview
New Orleans Artist Hasheem Amin Exclusive Big Noise Interview

Hasheem Amin is a straight out the 17th ward, Hollygrove and he got his start in the music game as one half of the group RECON doing work with labels like Big Boy Records and SouthCoast Music Group. The group, consisted of Hasheem Amin and Karheem and they released their first mainstream album in 1999 on Southcoast entitled, “Makin Moves”. Eventually they left Southcoast and after producing 3 uderground cult classics the group decided to solo. Hasheem released an album called, “Blackboy by Hasheem Amin”, in 2006 and can be bought at CD Baby Dot Com. Karheem is now a member of the Ghetto Slaves and works closely with Skip of UTP. Hasheem is comin hard for 2011 and beyond with a fire flow and consciously spitting about the realities of comin up in uptown New Orleans. The 17th is serious!

Q. Big Noise: Peace Hasheem, whats going on?
A. Hasheem: Peace fam, what’s going on is the movement behind my album The Reunion.

Q. Big Noise: Can you tell the people where you’re from?
A. Hasheem: I was born and raised in Hollygrove, Louisiana in New Orleans 17th Ward and proud.

Q. Big Noise: Whats going down with the hip hop scene in New Orleans?
A. Hasheem: This thing is major and blowin up in my city, with new life from movie productions and a resurgence in the musical culture that is New Orleans, you see hip hop leadin the way and cats are ready. They deserve it.

Q. Big Noise: I know you have the Reuion record out right now, can you describe the record, what inspired you to make this album?
A. Hasheem: The reunion is a project I started working on in response to how I was feeling about a lot of music I was hearing. I couldn’t find the kind of hip-hop that I grew up on so I went to work. Its classic hip-hop with awesome features from Sadat X, Reggie Hammin, Sean C, and Ghettoslaves. Tracks produced by my man Brent Herrera except for The Microphone and Never Forget, which were produced by Sean C.

Q. Big Noise: How did you come up with the title the Reuion?
A. Hasheem: The title, The Reunion, is about coming back to fundamentals. Its about the reunion of body and spirit that will produce works that are worthy of God, worthy of ourselves.

Q. Big Noise: You got Ill features on this project, will there be any more Killah Priest collabs in the future?
A. Hasheem: I’m working on it, I would like to work with him and the rest of Wu Tang, I’ll reach out and see what up.

Q. Big Noise: How did that hook up with Killah Priest happen, any collabs with Jay Electronica in the works?
A. Hasheem: It was simply right place, right time networking. I plan on reaching out to Jay Electronica, he’s tight with my man Dennis Holt with Art2facts Films, who filmed and directed my videos, so I’m sure we will work together in the near future.

Q. Big Noise: If you could do a track with any artist in the game who would it be?
A. Hasheem: If I could work with any artist in the game it would be Common. Right now I’m listening to The Dreamer and The Reunion and I think the message is one and the same. Powerful works!

Q. Big Noise: Since putting the Reuion record online digitally how much has it helped you develop a buzz, as opposed too putting out a physical CD?
A. Hasheem: I realized the benefit of digital distribution with my album Blackboy in ‘05; you have the ability to instantly reach fans locally and all over the world. It is definitely working to create a buzz that would have been harder to achieve with physical cds and more costly.

Q. Big Noise: Any new projects we should look for in 2012?
A. Hasheem: Yes, my next release will be in February, black history month, called, “Call of the Coon”, on Free the Land Records. The Reunion set the tone but this album will let em know I’m here to stay.

Q. Big Noise: Where can fans find more of your music, tour and contact info?
A. Hasheem: I can be found on Twitter, Facebook, iTunes and myspace.

Q. Big Noise: Any last wise words? Thanks for rapping with us Hasheem!
A. Hasheem: I want to thank my fans for the support and to look out for Hasheem Amin in 2012! Thank you my friend and peace.

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Interview: Big Noise
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Hasheem Amin

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