Canada Emcee / Producer Moka Only Exclusive Big Noise Interview

Canada Emcee / Producer Moka Only Exclusive Big Noise Interview
Canada Emcee / Producer Moka Only Exclusive Big Noise Interview

Soulful recording artist Moka Only has been on the move, dropping hip-hop gems across the internet for your listening pleasure. We recently caught up with this multi-talented producer and emcee to speak with him about his history, ongoing projects and his perspective on hip-hop music.

Q. Big Noise: What’s going down… how did you come up with the name Moka Only?
A. Moka Only: My homie P came up with Moka.. cus I’m Moka and I’m the only one. That was back in 1990.

Q. Big Noise: What can you tell us about your first hip-hop experience?
A. Moka Only: My first hiphop experience was not documented. It was like the jus always ‘was’…at least from the mid 80’s on.

Q. Big Noise: How is the hip-hop scene in Canada?
A. Moka Only: I don’t know what the scene is like in Canada. Its a huge country. Ive been there a few times tho. That’s kinda like asking “what is the scene like “in America”..sounds funny, right? Most ‘scenes’ are regional ,not national…at least when it comes to hiphop. Anyhow, I dwell in Vancouver.. its near Seattle– for those who are geographically disabled.. haha. Im not sure what idiot wouldn’t know where Vancouver is but I’m here to help those that don’t. ..cus I’m special like that and girls adore my scent.

Q. Big Noise: Has living there influenced the way you bring your sound to the table?
A. Moka Only: Living in the pacific northwest probably HAS colored my sound.. I’m not sure exactly how..everyone knows the coast up this way is an incredible place and can be inspiring, minus the cities and all they dramas.

Q. Big Noise: If you had to compare, what’s the biggest difference between hip-hop in Canada and the States?
A. Moka Only: Once again I really see differences in regionality so I’m not sure how to answer that one. In every region in north America you’ll find different vibes and styles poppin. I’m a west-coaster but early on was probably more influenced by the New york sound.

Q. Big Noise: You like to experiment with different instruments on your projects, got any favorite instruments?
A. Moka Only: My fave instrument is probably my samplers, honestly.. other than that I go fairly heavy on the minimoog – it delivers.

Q. Big Noise: Can you let us know who are some of your favorite Canadian emcees?
A. Moka Only:I’m really not sure.. I don’t listen to rappers anymore. Um, I’m my favorite, i suppose. Sounds like an asshole thing to say but its true.

Q. Big Noise: If you had your choice to work with any artist who would that be?
A. Moka Only: I would like to just work by myself. I don’t desire to chase people down.. if they really wanna do somethin they know how to reach me. I’m just in my own world..I stays under a rock. I’m the only one who can make what I want to hear.

Q. Big Noise: Can you shout out any future projects that we should know about?
A. Moka Only:Here’s a few I have ready to pop or am working on. I have a full length LP with Ayatollah producing and its comin out on nature sounds late spring,its re tar tar!!!!! I have Airport 6 droppin spring sometime too. Have been building with Lil b,the based god about doin some wild shit.. we’ll see where that goes, I just completed an album with LMNO, Mr Brady and my man Jules Chaz.. and I’m working on a few mix-tapes and instrumental projects too. I also have about ten albums of unreleased material from the early 2000s that i would like to put out along with a coffee table book. We’ll see how that goes. its a monumental project…and of course ZZBRA just dropped..its an album with my man Evil Ebeneezer and we recorded it a few years back and have been letting it ‘ripen’ until it was ready. So check for that. Exciting times. There’s even more shit comin but I don’t wanna be a spoiler so you’ll have to wait and see!

Q. Big Noise: If you had to choose one song or album from your catalog that best describes you which one would that be?
A. Moka Only: Okay..this is an OLD album but I have to say Lowdown Suite…it came out in 2003 and i feel it really summed up what i was and am about. Its personal..i love it.

Q. Big Noise: Where can your fans get the scoop on any of your release or tour info?
A. Moka Only: My fans..I fuckin love them..they can keep locked to @moka_only twitter. Im wild active there plus ‘moka the real only facebook.. my incredible admins run that for me and keep the world posted on my every move. Peace to Live vision Macro Management. I also am starting a new business called Ten Thouzand Starz and will be helping up and comin artists connect with the world through that biz so you,ll be able to check for me there once the site is up. To be announced. Big things!!!

Q. Big Noise:Do you have any last words for our readers? Thanks for the connect!.
A. Moka Only: like to end this convo by just sayin thank ya for your time and interest and hopefully we can do it again soon.. And to the fans, I love you all. You guys give me the push and you all know I keep a good relationship with you.. I don’t try and look down on anybody. I keep it real. God bless North America.

Artist Contact Info:
Moka Only | Facebook | Twitter

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Article: Big Noise
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Moka Only

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