OSI aka Dexter Montaie

Dexter Montaie: Soulfixn’
Detroit Michigan / Since 2007

El Cali

El Cali: Host / Photography
Fresno CA 2007 / Facebook


Scotty: Graphics / Squad
Albuquerque NM / Since 2005

Jim Young

Jim Young: Executive Prod
SJ Cali 2009 / Facebook

Big Noise Ent

Big Noise Ent: Headquarters
San Jose California / Since 1997


Brianna: Squad / Promotion
Sacramento CA / Since 2007

Tavares Daize

Tavares Daize: Host / Promo
Arizona / Texas / Since 2009

El Static

El Static: Host / Engineer
San Jose California / Since 2006

Greg Simms Jr

Greg Simms Jr: Writer
Cincinnati OH / Since 2010

Squad / Company ~ About Big Noise Radio

COMPANY INFO: Big Noise Entertainment at large since the 80’s introduces Big Noise Radio to the roster in 2006 adding to the forward function that maintains our momentum in the hip-hop movement. Located in the tri-city Bay area we provide a real radio station vibe while holding down the latest in hip-hop and rap music. Free online radio with 100’s of independent tracks in rotation! Our mission is to assist with the manifestation of dreams through creative expression… In the new millennium online content will be the driving force behind public and independent entertainment worldwide. Big Noise maintains a deep conviction to represent the hip-hop community with respect. We provide state-of-the-art industry services both digital and physical. Enjoy our free online radio station with 100’s of independent tracks in rotation! Our network of artists and services are extensive, help us support good hip-hop music, contact us any time and help us bring the noise.

ABOUT BNR: Big Noise Radio brings you the very essence of hip-hop music and culture. Free hip-hop radio delivering unlimited listening of your favorite hip-hop tunes. We present to you the next generation of online hip-hop radio streaming hip-hop content 24/7 365. Not only can you tune in on any computer worldwide at any time you can listen to the songs you like as often as you want, new material is added to the play-list every week. Shows are changed nightly 10PM PST. Big Noise Radio provides some of the best independent hip-hop music on the planet from artists like Black Milk, Rasco, Elzhi, One-Be-Lo, Nemesis, Common, Kev Brown, Little Brother, Skyzoo, Madlib, The Regiment, J Dilla, Planet Asia, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, KRS One, 9th Wonder, MF Doom and so many more. The player launched on our homepage also allows you to tune into one of the many interviews we have with hip-hop artists worldwide giving you insight on hip-hop music, production, business and simply love for the hip-hop culture. On Big Noise Radio we have hosted guests such as Slum Village, Jazzy Jeff, Donny Goines, Diablo Archer, Planet Asia with Gold Chain Military, Guru, Kev Brown with Low Budget Crew, Immortal Technique and many more legendary hip-hop artists.

The seven buttons bless you with our featured web pages; Radio, Culture, Videos, Photos, Squad, Product and Download. The Radio page streams free hip-hop music on demand, the Culture page brings articles about hip-hop lifestyle giving you an insight on hip-hop affairs. The Videos page serves independent videos from hip-hop artists worldwide, 56 currently showing. There are 7 pages in the BNR Photos gallery each one stashing 16 snapshots in the life of hip-hop artists worldwide, a total of 112 showing. The Squad section showcases the individuals contributing to the BNR movement and company contact info. The Product page directs you to our eBay store where we stock Waxpoetics products, books and media representing the hip-hop culture, Akai MPC accessories, storage for drum machines and samplers, music on CD, USB and vinyl, drum kits on ZIP, CD, SD and USB, pro studio equipment, pro studio services, quality hip-hop fashion and gear. The Download page directs you to the download widget on our Radio page just left of the radio player. Our BNR Downloads widget, always FREE, loaded with hip-hop originals, re-mixes, instrumentals, demos and production tools. Stay tuned for our full digital store debut in 2011.

Big Noise Radio is an excellent resource for promotion we specialize in the exposure of quality independent artists, venues and brands. We can promote your business via voice ad, banner ad, article write-up, video trailer and social network campaigns. See who's listening to BNR worldwide by clicking the BNR Stats button under BNR Metrics on the Blog / Home page you will be directed to our Stats page, click on any of the links on the left column to view details.

In the Big Noise tradition we will continue to serve interviews, guest appearances, prize giveaways, free MP3 music and new hip-hop artists broken right here on Big Noise Radio. Contact us at info@bignoiseradio.com if you have any questions. Visit bignoiseradio.com everyday to get your daily prescription of hip-hop essentials! Support independent hip-hop music and tell your peoples about Big Noise Radio. Keep it locked for 360 degrees of hip-hop music, Hip-hop Universal United!

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Mailing List ~ BNR Contact Information

1659 N CAPITOL AVE #221
SAN JOSE, CA 95132

Phone: 408-220-4797
Hours: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM PST
Drops 24 Hours: 408-834-4182