The Hip Hop Album “Persona” Various Artist Release by Arizona’s Mello Music Group

The Hip Hop Album “Persona” Various Artist Release by Arizona’s Mello Music Group

Currently touting a roster of 119 releases on Bandcamp, Mello Music Group is now a hip hop force to be reckoned with. They have been doing their thing since 2007, and today in 2016 it looks like there is no stopping them. Their digital discography […]

Fat Beats Drops Album

Fat Beats Drops Album “LUV NY Collective” Produced by Ray West via Red Apples 45

New York is arguably the epicenter of hip hop culture. Although hip hop is currently a global phenomenon, hip hop music and culture evolved in the South Bronx. The LUV NY collective is a crew dedicated to the sharing, knowledge and understanding of pure hip […]

Emcee B Flatt

Emcee B Flatt “Back To Basics” 1996 Album Release by Noiseman Vinyl Release 2018

Big Noise Radio is hosting another PRIZE PACKAGE GIVEAWAY, valued at $250. In celebration of the B Flatt “Back To Basics” 2018 Vinyl Record release, by Back 2 Da Source Records in Belgium! Originally released in 1996, 2016 brought about the 20 year anniversary for […]

Producer Klaus Layer

Producer Klaus Layer “The Adventures Of Captain Crook” Digital Album via Redefinition

As a veteran of abstract sample selection, eclectic usage of horns and piano, and re-imagination of jazzy basslines, Klaus Layer isn’t your typical producer. And that’s okay- he fits right in with the rest of the Redefinition crew. Beginning with a flute-laden sample in “All […]

 Eddie Coleman's

Eddie Coleman’s “Friday Night Theme Music” by Atlanta Hip Hop Producer aka Illastrate

The foundation of Hip Hop music incorporates influences from multiple genres of music. Genres such as Jazz, Soul, film Sound Tracks, Rhythm & Blues, Big Band and World music. Because of Hip Hop music’s diverse background, it is a versatile art form. That is to […]

Detroit Hip Hop Producer Black Milk

Detroit Hip Hop Producer Black Milk “Rhythm Roulette” Session Diggin’ In The Crates

Rhythm Roulette is a series on YouTube hosted by Mass Appeal in which producers blindfold themselves, choose random records, and make a beat with whatever they got. It’s a true test of producer skills and ability, as they never know what they’re gonna get. On […]