Tanya Morgan Prod by 6th Sense “Rubber Souls” CD & LP ~ BNR Artist Spotlight

Tuesday • February 18, 2014 • BY noiseman
Tanya Morgan Prod by 6th Sense

Von Pea and Donwill are emcees / rappers directly connected to the legendary hip-hop crew known as De La Soul, age of the hip hop hippie. Tanya Morgan… two emcees forming a group, hip-hop universal united. Hailing from the “city” of Brooklynati, a name created to represent both emcee’s hometowns. Emcee Donwill out of Cincinnati, Ohio, emcee / producer Von Pea native of Brooklyn, N.Y. This also being the name of the group’s 2009 album. More than just a play on words, these two bring history and culture to the table.

Putting in work for some time now, the two took a hiatus after founding member Ilyas left the group, this “Rubber Souls” project could be tailored for potential crossover play. With the rap industry uncertain in it’s direction, commercially speaking, authentic hip-hop is still new to many ears. The Rubber Souls project is an interesting blend of styles and sounds. It seems because of mainstream’s gravitation toward pop music, more and more dope hip-hop artists / groups have a hard time creating the music they really love, as everybody wants a large fan-base. We’ll check back and see where this projects takes Tanya Morgan.

The “Rubber Souls” album is now available on iTunes courtesy of Imprint One80 Inc. Flowing over the sweet beats by 6th Sense, Donwill and Von Pea drop lyrics over this 12 songs project. For those of you looking for that head-nod hip hop, we suggest “For Real” track one, “All Em” track five, “More” track seven, “The Vehicle” track ten and “Bae Bro” track twelve. Overall the album sounds great, definitely music for your collection!

Tanya Morgan “Rubber Souls” Produced by 6th Sense ~ Official Music Stream

Executive Producer: Donwill. Co-Executive Producers: Von Pea // Joshua Kamen & Ariel Borujow for Imprint One80. Mixed by Ariel Borujow for Imprint One80 at Stadiumred; Assisted by Mike Kuzoian. Mastered by Ricardo Gutierrez at Stadiumred.

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