Dope Hip-Hop Producer Sensei Walingh From Amsterdam ~ BNR Artist Spotlight

Saturday • October 5, 2013 • BY noiseman
Dope Hip-Hop Producer Sensei Walingh From Amsterdam ~ BNR Artist Spotlight

Introduction: We wanted to bring your attention to a music producer you may, or may not know about. Hip-Hop producer Sensei Walingh from Amsterdam is most definitely someone you should know about! On the come up, this dope producer could be placed in the same category as up-and-coming producers like Kev Brown, Mic El, King I Divine, Boonie Mayfield, Statik Selektah, Audible Doctor and many more talented hip-hop producers. Organic timing, tight melodies, nice sound quality… this is something all these producers have in common. Check out some beats and remixes he’s got for us on the Sound Cloud player below.

Words From The Producer: What’s good people, my name is Walingh Matiz Akkerman a.k.a Sensei Walingh (of the Make Senz crew), Been up in this game for quite a while, been busy with all elements of Hip Hop, from B-boying, to Deejaying, to tagging up walls, to rippin mics, to ruffing up mpc’s, you name it. Been working with a few legends in the game (House of repz, Kenny Diaz, Dj Premier, C Ray Walz, Canibus to name a few), and currently I’m working on various albums and e.p’s… Those who know me, know I’m specialized in the arts of Beat-making, Emceeing & Deejaying.

Beats & Remixes From Hip-Hop Producer Sensei Walingh From Amsterdam

Walingh Matiz (Da versatile, da capable of anything) Akkerman Amsterdam the capital of weedsmoke, Netherlands

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