Hip-Hop Emcee Cyrano Sinatra Presents “The Freedom Aint Free EP” ~ BNR Artist Spotlight

Sunday • September 15, 2013 • BY Lamont Reed
Hip-Hop Emcee Cyrano Sinatra Presents

Intro: Taking a stand for the black community and the hip-hop movement is not an easy job. No doubt, the struggle continues! Hip-hop emcee Cyrano Sinatra, representing Backpackers Anonymous, reminds us that our so-called freedom is not so free. We’re paying with our culture every day. “The Freedom Aint Free EP” is a clever dose of knowledge served over tight hip-hop music. Reminding us that we each have to take a personal stand to uphold the integrity within our own…

About The Project: Featuring singles, ‘We Came 2 Win”, “Gold-3 aka GoldHearted” and more, The #FreedomAintFree EP is a politically-charged call-out to all supporters of HipHop to raise more than their hands to fight against the industrial complex that would degrade and kill HipHop culture.

The #FreedomAintFree EP is a collection of songs from Cyrano’s upcoming double-album, “JavaNation: Freedom Ain’t Free”. Free At Last Music Assassin, Backpackers Anonymous, Eargasm Entertainment Cyrano Sinatra The “Freedom Aint Free” EP release.

The “Freedom Aint Free” EP by Cyrano Sinatra ~ Stream or Purchase

Free At Last Music Assassin, Backpackers Anonymous Griot, Eargasm Entertainment Yoda…

01. G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T. (Produced by Centric)
02. Move (Produced by Cyrano Sinatra)
03. Da Basement (Produced by Kid Hum)
04. Gold <3 aka GoldHearted (Produced by DJ LEAGUES) 05. All About H.E.R. (Produced by Cynergy Soundz) 06. Time 2 Kill (Produced by XMP) 07. Spoils Of War ft Nico The Beast (Produced by Kid Hum) 08. Chow Main ft Tuscon (Produced by Manifest Beats) 09. We Came 2 Win feat. R.O.E. (Produced by J.Slikk) 10. C.Y.I.D.I.T.C. (Produced by Crews) Artist Contact Info:
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