Fredro Starr x Audible Doctor “Made In The Streets Remix” Prod By Audible Doctor

Tuesday • July 16, 2013 • BY
Fredro Starr x Audible Doctor

Audible Doctor: Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin The Audible Doctor fell in love with music at a very young age. As a child he spent countless hours with his toy keyboard on the kitchen floor playing what he called his “muget” (music), that same drive and passion has followed him through the years. His parents recognized his talent early on and tried to nourish it by finding outlets for him to learn and grow musically. Piano lessons gave way to joining the city choir which gave way to guitar lessons and so on until Audible Doctor finally found his own niche with Hip Hop.

Fredro Starr: Fred Scruggs AKA Fredro Starr born April 18, 1971 Fredro Starr, is an American rapper and actor from South Jamaica, Queens, New York best known as a member of hardcore hip hop group Onyx.

Made In The Streets: The Audible Doctor & Fredro Starr’s “Made In The Streets” EP has officially been pushed back because they’ve decided to turn the EP into a full length album! For now enjoy the newest single “Made In The Streets Remix” below and be sure to stay tuned for their upcoming LP.

Fredro Starr & Audible Doctor “Made In The Streets Remix” Produced by Audible Doctor

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