Blunted Astronaut Records “Blunted Beats Vol.2″ Featuring Odd Goons On 7” Vinyl

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Blunted Astronaut Records

The E.P. Blunted Beats Vol.2 is part of the ‘Blunted Beats’ international series – a set of short recordings being released with the aim of helping to shine light on some of the most talented, up-and-coming Hip Hop producers from across Europe. In this volume, we present to you Odd Goons from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. Other countries covered in this series include Spain, Poland and the Netherlands.

Blunted Astronaut Records is a London-based record label specializing in quality aural treats pressed on vinyl. They develop quality music and are followed by a huge following of customers that eagerly wait for the next record to drop. Thanks to companies like B.A.R. vinyl records are enjoying a comeback.

The grimy boom-bap sound brought forth on this project is definitely reminiscent of the early golden era days, when producers / deejay’s dug in the crates in search those ear tingling vibes found on obscure records aka dusty gold. Pete Rock is one of the producers known for optimizing this sonic style. Some horns, saxophones, xylophones, fret-less bass, Rhodes piano, emotional strings and diminished chords are an important part of the sound pallet. Cuts on the one’s & two’s are also an essential component for classic boom-bap. Check out “Blunted Beats Vol.02” on the player below. Definitely something to add to your vinyl collection!

Blunted Beats Vol.2 Featuring Odd Goons On 7″ Vinyl


01. Crime Scenes
02. Up North
03. The Stash

01. Deep Space
02. Fallin’
03. Shiva

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