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Friday • November 16, 2012 • BY noiseman
Constant Deviants

If you where tuned into the late 90’s indy 12″ boom, you probably remember the Constant Deviants. The Baltimore/NY duo which consists of emcee M.I. and producer DJ Cutt released the jazzy underground burner “Can’t Stop” in 1998, which built them a solid fan base that inspired them to start their own label Six2Six Records, which specializes in limited pressing and rare vinyl from their catalog and extended fam. In 2012, Constant Deviants are preparing to release their long-awaited LP, “Diamond” an album that has been carefully crafted to represent the eras they have witnessed along their 16 year grind.

In order to re-introduce themselves back to the college radio network, they unleash two heavyweight bangers. “Won’t Stop” picks up where “Can’t Stop” left off, as M.I. pens a moving letter about the current state of Hip Hop over a silky smooth vocal sample. Expanding on the dopeness is “Fulton Street,” a record that has a seriously chill vibe that confirms the duo hasn’t forgotten their golden era roots.

In the world of Hip-Hop, a name carries the weight of an entire career. It’s the brand, the logo, but most importantly the mission of the group. For Constant Deviants, it’s a title that has grown with them over time: constantly changing, departing from the norm. As the duo collectively kick starts their journey into Hip-Hop once more, their name bears more meaning than it ever has.

About The Video: Incredible film and Editing work by Jimmy Powell & Phil of (IHenry Photo) + (Above Ground Studios), “FULTON STREET” takes you back to the original essence of ‘REAL RAP MUSIC’. Shot on location in the heart of Brooklyn NY.


“FULTON STREET” on Limited Edition 7″ VINYL DEC’ 2011 / Lifted from the highly anticipated LP ‘DIAMOND LP’ from SIX2SIX RECORDS ® 2011-12

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