Drum Sound Pad Assignment APP For Akai MPC 2000XL Drum Machine (Free Download)

Sunday • August 12, 2012 • BY noiseman
Drum Sound Pad Assignment APP For Akai MPC 2000XL Drum Machine (Free Download)

Do you have an MPC 2000XL and want to load or create your your Akai sound-programs easily? Managing sounds on the MPC 2000XL can be time consuming when you do it within the MPC. Creating MPC programs (kits) on your PC (personal-computer) is much more efficient because of the graphic / mouse interface. This application allows you do just that. Install this software on your computer. Chop sounds and samples in your favorite audio editing program. Arrange them on the Virtual MPC with the MPC 2KXL App. Save program/s to your media (floppy, zip, compact-flash) then load them into your MPC 2000XL. This software is made for you!

Using programs like Wavelab, CueBase / Nuendo or Pro Tools you can capture sounds from your vintage hardware. Then edit your sounds in the PC or MAC using powerful plug-ins for Time-stretch, Pitch, EQ Compression, Stereo Image, Reverb and Echo, to name a few. You can also perform precise truncating and sample chopping. You can then arrange, save and manage Akai MPC programs on your computer, using this MPC App. If your MPC is equipped with the Big Noise MC-2000XL you can achieve this using CF (compact-flash) or SD (secure-data) media cards.

The MPC 2KXL App also allows you to create and edit MPC 2000XL programs (sample-kit-arrangements) on your computer with Drum Sample Kits you purchase from Drum Sound vendors like Big Noise MPC. Akai MPC programs can then be saved to removable media and moved to your MPC then loaded up as an Akai Drum Program. Select samples and sounds from different sources and create your own custom drum kits for each music project. Check out the video below to see some of the Drum Sample Kits offered by Big Noise MPC.

Video beat produced by DJ DN3 off The Campaign EP using Drum Sample Kits from Big Noise MPC.

Please see the 2KXL App Author for any technical support issues concerning the MPC 2KXL App.

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