Mac & Devin Go to High School ft Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa ~ BNR Movie Showcase

Wednesday • July 18, 2012 • BY noiseman
Mac & Devin Go to High School ft Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa ~ BNR Movie Showcase

In the hemp tradition of Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke, Dave Chappelle’s Half Baked and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle there’s an independent smoke film on the block called “Mac & Devin Go to High School”. This is the collaborative album and soundtrack to the 2012 Stoner film by home-grown rappers Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, which was picked up by Anchor Bay Films and released in December 2011. Project credits include executive production by Snoop Dogg, guest appearances by Mike Epps, Andy Milonakis with Lunell and Affion Crockett to name a few. The film is narrated by living joint “Slow Burn” featuring voice over from rapper Mystikal. Directed by Dylan C. Brown with production by Lucy Brown and Kyle Schember.

The project is filmed in a Los Angeles high school setting. Valedictorian hopeful Devin Overstreet (Wiz Khalifa) struggls to pen his graduation speech when it becomes clear that all his academic over-achievements have left him with little real-life experience. He finds an unlikely inspiration in the most under-achieving student on campus, Mac Johnson played by Snoop Dogg. Mac plays a 15-year senior and consummate ladies man. Mac is dumb-struck by the school’s new substitute chemistry teacher. He soon realizes that the only way he’ll ever have a chance with her is if he finally graduates high school. In 3 weeks time, Mac must cram four years of high school academics, while Devin must cram four years of teenage experience.

Feel free to light up some of your best Cheeba and sit back and enjoy the film in it’s entirety below.

Mac and Devin Go To High School 2012 Full Movie (HQ-HD)

Snoop Dogg announced plans for the release of a film, and soundtrack alongside with Wiz Khalifa, with the release of the song “That Good”, originally intended to be the soundtrack’s lead single. It was supposed to be set for a straight-to-DVD release in April 2011, but was pushed back to July and it is in stores now. Wiz Khalifa spoke on the soundtrack saying “It’s a real big deal because nobody’s done it like that as far as a veteran in the game, an OG, a pioneer and then the newest, youngest, most exciting dude in rap coming through, and really just giving people a complete project,” Wiz said. “I’m a fan of it, separate myself from making it, I’m a huge fan of it. Can’t wait.” As far as the musical vibe of the soundtrack, Snoop described it, “It’s something to relax you and get you through the day; it’s some real good music. The music is quality, I don’t even have no title for it, as far as what kinda music is it, it’s centric, it’s …,” Dogg said searching for the right words before his partner-in-rhyme lent a hand.

Singles: “Young, Wild & Free”, the soundtrack’s lead single which features Bruno Mars, and produced by The Smeezingtons, was released in October 2011. In its first week it sold 159,000 digital copies, debuting at number ten on the US Billboard Hot 100, and forty four on the Canadian Hot 100. The music video was filmed in October 2011. The track “Smokin’ On” featuring Juicy J, was released in January 2012 as a promotional single. In July 2012 a music video for the song “French Inhale” was released online.

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