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Friday • May 11, 2012 • BY noiseman
DJ Reb aka Raymond Blount

Artist BIO: DJ Reb is Raymond Blount….seriously. He was born with this name. Reb is originally his initials as his birth name. Originally born in Blue Island, Illinois (south from the south side of Chicago), and moved to the city of Dallas, Texas right before his 13th birthday. Always been musically inclined since the age of 2, yet heavily influenced by a couple of family members who has been in the music industry for over 25 plus years. By the time Raymond was 14, he began making sythesized beats and recording his work off his Yamaha keyboard, then later graduated to using one of his past friend‘s MPC 2000. Heavily influenced by hip-hop artist and its production work, by the time he was 16, he began writing poetry in spoken word…or as he would say “jottin’ down shit thats been floatin’ in my head”.

In 2004-05, he written and produced his own album project in high school under DJ Reb called “Raymond Blount: Collage”, mostly him showing off his lyrical skills featuring others, which gotten a slight buzz around his high school right outside Dallas. Over the years, he’s worked with several underground and local artists…production work and as guest features. In 2006, he produced majority of the work for one of Bay Area’s underground artist’s mixtape, by the name Colasoul. After the project became a success, Raymond, or DJ Reb at that time frame, continued producing. From time to time, he would feature himself on other projects as a guest artist. In 2009, Raymond developed an alter-ego to distiguish the differences between his work. DJ Reb, the name he stuck with for production work and as rap artist, was now his production alias. Raymond Blount, his legal birth name, is now his rap alias, but as a guest feature he uses the name all together…Raymond “DJ Reb” Blount.

In January 2010, he began to work heavily on his 1st EP project, 5 years after his first project from high school, due to creative differences, battles with past trust issues, financial and economical stress. The project is called “…From The Beginning”, and it delivers more of a mature, yet an huge improvement on studio quality and sound; comparitably speaking to his first project. The 8-Track EP “…From The Beginning” finally debut back in late-August of 2011 as a free download on Bandcamp. After a devastating delay due to artists’ conflicts and devotedly focused on production for an artist that, as he quoted, “could not deliver”; he decided to release it “as-is” instead of his initial 11-Tracks he wanted. For an “as-is” project, it still gained recognition from a lot of people and from other Dallas underground artist, and “Lyin’ Smiles” and “You” became two of his popular tracks from the EP. He is also featured on the hook for another popular Dallas underground artist, Quez, who is signed with Dead of Winter Records, on the track “Pack of Wolves”. Reb is currently working on his 2nd EP called “Turning Points”, which is due in late-July of 2012. This project is what he says “a follow-up and a re-do of my 1st project because this one will definitely be well constructed in the way I’ve originally want it to sound.”

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