Tweet To Win A Custom Yamaha NS-10 USB Drive ~ BNR Contest Update

Saturday • March 24, 2012 • BY noiseman
Tweet To Win A Custom Yamaha NS-10 USB Drive ~ BNR Contest Update

Don’t sleep on this contest these USB drives are quality made collectors items that represent iconic studio equipment responsible for the hip-hop music we know and love today. The new BNR store Big Noise MPC has teamed up with Hiphop Drum Samples, come check out the new DRUM SAMPLE KITS for your drum machine, sampler or in the BOX production suite!

The fine folks over at Hip-hop Drum Samples dot com are hosting a contest to win a 8GB Yamaha NS-10M Flash Drive. Get involved, enter to win a brand new Yamaha NS-10M 8GB USB Drive, hit them up on Twitter. Original post info at Alkota Beats website. Contest ends April 29th, 2012 and the drawing is May 1st, 2012! Entering the contest is simple! Follow @alkota on Twitter and tweet the following message:

“Enter to win a Yamaha NS-10M USB Drive from and @alkota. Please RT. Info at:”

Yamaha NS10 History:

What is it about the Yamaha NS10? If any piece of pro audio hardware deserves that over-used term “industry standard” it has to be the NS10. In a professional audio world continually seduced by the next big thing, where plug-ins can provide a near instantaneous GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) fix, where products live or die thanks to their quantity of bells and whistles, and where the number of contemporary nearfield monitors that could apparently do the job of an NS10 is almost beyond count… the venerable, tired old Yamaha is the one piece of kit that still appears in almost every photograph of a smiling engineer posed at his desk.

The usual story goes that Bob Clearmountain, one of the first of that new breed of ‘name’ engineers wanted a pair of monitors to carry with him from studio to studio so that he had a consistent reference, and he wanted something that he felt was representative of typical domestic hi-fi speakers. It is sometimes also said, usually by those for whom the abilities of the NS10 are a closed book, that he chose the NS10 because it was the worst-sounding speaker he could find. That, as I say, is the usual story. The trouble is, it’s not true: the real story, recounted by engineer Nigel Jopson in a letter published in Resolution magazine in 2007, does involve Bob Clearmountain, but is different in almost every other respect.

Bob Clearmountain’s Tissue Bob Clearmountain’s other significant claim to fame is probably that he was the first to use tissue paper over NS10 tweeters in an attempt to dull their over-bright balance. He resorted to tissue paper after the maintenance staff at The Power Station had refused to modify the speakers by wiring resistors in series with the tweeters (why he didn’t simply put an HF shelf EQ in the monitor chain is a question for which I don’t have an answer). Yamaha’s second-generation NS10, the NS10M Studio, had a less bright balance, so removing the need for tissue paper. There’s a technical analysis by Bob Hodas examining the effect of covering the NS10 tweeter with various types of tissue paper.

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