MLK Jr The Greatness Of America Is The Right To Protest For Right ~ Big Noise News

Monday • January 16, 2012 • BY noiseman
MLK Jr The Greatness Of America Is The Right To Protest For Right ~ Big Noise News

Dr Martin Luther King Jr gave his life for an unselfish dream… a dream that set the foundation for fairness and equality in this country. This dream was cultivated during a time when hate and terror was dealt out on a daily basis, in so many American neighborhoods and communities. We’ve come along way since then however we still have many miles to go. Recently many new immigrants have entered our country from places in the world where the words of Dr King have never been heard. This has effected our communities and work places by casting us back in time, sometimes giving the elusion that we’ve made little progress at all. Just think of the obstacles faced by Dr King Jr and his congregation during the 1960’s.

Brother and sisters it’s time to take a look around… at a time when schools are closing down, folks can’t find any work and cities are going bankrupt – we are presented with priorities like; new football stadiums in Santa Clara, plenty of unaffordable apartment complexes popping up everywhere and bonuses handed out to top executives in top-heavy corporations. Are we on the right track? Are we organized and unified?

Jobs and the economy are the next battle. The occupy movement is the challenge on our plate today. In this week of remembrance let’s take part in the dream, support the ideals set forth by this great leader. Today we all feel the pinch of these tough economic times. As we find identity and purpose for the Occupy Movement lets remember the great words spoken by Dr King; “…the greatness of America is the right to protest for RIGHT!”



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