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Wednesday • November 30, 2011 • BY noiseman
American Chopper Live Bike Build Off 2

One of my favorite shows is American Chopper, it showcases the struggle and day-to-day hustle involved in running your own business. The discipline and creative skills needed to fabricate the works of art presented by Paul Jr Designs; the business sense, the organization, the personal sacrifice and the blind determination are all part of the formula for successful entrepreneurs. The dysfunctional separation between father and son, the lack of respect shown to Paul Jr by Paul Sr are classic issues within the American family. Why can’t the father embrace his sons excellence and be proud in passing the torch?

Paul Jr and his team already served his father big time in the Cadillac build-off 1 where the PJD team actually cut the tail lights out of the CTS-V Cadillac, modified the lenses and built them into their own rear fender that completely captured the Cadillac feel. The exhaust, rims, rear air ride system, paint and elegant lines all took the project over the top. In build-off 2 we get to see them go toe-to-toe again with a third challenger, Jesse Jame previously from Monster Garage. The picture above is the amazing “redunckulous” entry by Paul Jr Design’s, hand built from aluminum, copper, wood and steel it is a work of pure art from head to toe.

I personally think that the PJD team is going to take it again with their P51 Mustang influenced, 777 inscribed masterpiece; Paul Sr and Jesse James were talking a bunch of stuff that they really can’t back up with actual product. If you want to see their entries you can peep them at American Chopper Bike Build Off 2. Just like allot of mainstream rappers talking a bunch of mess without any skills to back it up, don’t do it – like Jay Electronica says in Exhibit C “…lions disguised as lambs”, that’s the way to get down!

For those of you who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs and players in the music business try to use this as an example; it’s all about your passion and your craftsmanship. You never have to be trendy or sellout to bring great music to the table. The industry may be caught up in disco music, ABC rhymes and funny outfits but that dose not mean that you have to; dose it? Think outside of the box, create artwork with every project!

About Paul Jr Designs: Although Paul Jr. has always been mechanically inclined, it wasn’t until he was 25 that he realized the depth of his creativity. In 1999, he created the now world-famous logo for Orange County Choppers, a custom motorcycle business he co-founded in upstate New York. With his God-given talent and eye for design, he went on to create some of the most recognizable theme choppers in the world, including the Black Widow Bike, the Fire Bike and the Jet Bike, as well as working with some of the top companies in the world such as Intel, NASA and Gillette.

After ten years in the steel business and ten years building custom motorcycles and a brand through OCC, he is taking all he has learned and applying it to his new company, Paul Jr. Designs. Brand loyalty is a key part to this new venture as well as partnering with the right companies. Shortly after opening it’s doors, Paul Jr. Designs caught the attention of it’s first major client, The Coleman Company. Paul Jr. Designs was hired to redesign the 10-Year Anniversary model of their popular Roadtrip Grill and signed a contract to review and improve across their entire product line.

“I’ve never felt so inspired. Paul Jr. Designs gives me an opportunity to take my creativity to a whole new level. This new company will be the most challenging, but by far the most rewarding.” In 2010, after taking some time off, Paul Jr. will be returning to his “first love”, building custom choppers for Paul Jr. Designs.

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Article: Big Noise
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