Rap Artist T-Ran Releases Second EP “Outside The Box: Still Dreaming”

Friday • August 19, 2011 • BY noiseman
Rap Artist T-Ran Releases Second EP “Outside The Box: Still Dreaming”

Washington D.C. maverick rapper & artist T-Ran releases his second EP titled “Outside the Box: Still Dreaming,” reaching over 2,000 downloads “Outside the Box: Still Dreaming” offers a soulful ride of substance, love, trials, tribulations, fashion, and feel good music,” T-Ran describes his second LP, the follow up to his debut “The Opening Act: The Dreamer.””

Hailing from East Oakland, Calif., home of legendary artist Too Short, T-Ran first became infatuated with hip hop at the age of seven through the movie “Krush Groove.” Influenced heavily by the likes of Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, hip hop has served as the gateway to T-Ran’s dreams. Using music as his outlet, T-Ran considers “living out his dreams” opening for acts such as Big Sean and Rick Ross.

The lead single “Feeling Good” released on April 15 received over 1,000 downloads within hours of release. Currently in Washington, D.C., T-Ran plans to embark on the “Still Dreamin’” promotional tour to perform in various markets in Washington, D.C., New York, N.Y., and Philadelphia, Pa. now through December 2011.

The state of Hip Hop is at a turning point. With many artists attempting to take over the internet with the next popular hook, very few are focusing on the soul of Hip Hop. As an upcoming artist, the Oakland, CA native T-Ran (born Ta’Darrell Randolph) plans to bring the essence back.

He describes his music as raw emotion and expression; it is a pure reflection of him. “Never was a sand box kid used… that time to dream/ Knew the power of them before I knew of Dr. King/ Look now I am living one/ and I’mma live it up until my livings done,” T-Ran spits over “The Intro” track. At the age of 21, he wakes up every day with a musical mindset. He takes pride in being a lyricist who refuses to conform to society. T-Ran will continue to dream, believe and execute to change the unbalanced state of Hip Hop to an industry filled with love, passion and substance.

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Article: Andrew Asare
Editor: Noiseman
Photo: T-Ran