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Saturday • April 9, 2011 • BY IQ
Artist Compilation

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Different Strokes is a Colombia Records sampler released in 1971. Colombia Records has been around since the 1880’s and has carved a huge piece into music history this generation.It showcases music from an experimental time in the 60’s and offers a range between popular artist and some lesser known artist that still provided good music. The have genres ranging from rock, gospel, soul, jazz and a few fusion genres also. It features popular artist such as Miles Davis, Laura Nyro and Tom Rush. This would be a great record to listen too to gain more knowledge about some of the music coming from that era that hasn’t been sampled yet, like the Jazz/Rock fusion provided from the groups Dreams, Flock and the New York Rock Ensemble.

The rock songs have that good sounding tube distortion on the guitars and reminds me of some of the samples Chicago producer No I.D would use. All of the tracks have bright and snappy drums for that upbeat taste. Ballin Jack starts their track off on side 2 with a really clean drum break that includes alot of different percussion instruments as well. Different Strokes also has some innovative jazz tracks from Miles Davis and some good gospel from The Chambers Brothers. A note about the Chambers Brothers track is that it’s an acapella group and has alot of different rhythms and words that could be fun to flip.

The album and cover are in good cosmetic shape with a very clean sound and few pops heard throughout the vinyl. Also some long songs are cut short too include the massive amount of artists included on the sampler.

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A Side:
01. Johnny Winter – Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo
02. Tom Rush – Merrimac County
03. Poco – A Man Like Me
04. Dreams – New York
05. Big Brother And The Holding Company – Mr. Natural
06. Miles Davis – Saturday Miles
07. Spirit – Morning Will Come
08. It’s A Beautiful Day – Soapstone Mountain
09. The Chambers Brothers – Going to the Mill
10. Laura Nyro – Blackpatch

B Side:
01. Ballin’jack – Found a Child
02. The New York Rock Ensemble – Fields of Joy
03. The Hollies – Too Young to Be Married
04. Redbone – Maggie
05. The Elvin Bishop Group – Don’t Fight It (Feel It)
06. Fraser & Debolt – All This Paradise
07. Bill Puka – Nothing at All
08. Soft Machine – Out-Bloody-Rageous
09. The Flock – Big Bird

Release: 1971
Label: Columbia Records

Samplers: Akai S1000, S1100 or S3000, MPC60 or MPC60 II, MPC1000, MPC2000 or MPC2000XL, Emu SP1200, Emax I, Emax II or Emulator III, Ensoniq ASR10, 16 Plus or EPS, Sequential Circuits Studio 440.

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