Araab Muzik ~ MPC2500 Hands Down Smashing It Worldwide All The Way Live

Wednesday • January 19, 2011 • BY noiseman
Araab Muzik ~ MPC2500 Hands Down Smashing It Worldwide All The Way Live

100% certified on the web and all across YouTube Araab Muzik is busting down the doors as far as live MPC production and performance are concerned. This cat exists on another time dimension using all of the digits simultaneously dropping some of the dopest live rhythms I’ve heard to date; we must look like we’re in slow motion to him. He’s been putting in work since young honing his skills to the point you see today. Araab Muzik is one of the producers for Dipset and has produced on numerous industry projects. Recently though he’s been catching allot of attention for his live performance on the MPC2500. Ambidextrous and able to keep different time on different fingers he uses the MPC like an instrument. Some of his performances are purely for show and would not work well for dancing or rhyming due to the wild tempo swings, but no doubt the cat covers all bases and all rhythms.

I was just watching the “Araab Muzik, Busta Rhymes, Duke Da God & Masar TV – Studio Session” on YouTube and got chills watching some of the dopest MPC pad smashing I’ve ever seen. Busta Rhymes confirms, certifies and “emulsifies” his capabilities through the whole video; and so do I for that mater. In the video on this post “araabMUZIK Killing The MPC Live In Paris, France” he demonstrates his amazing flurries at a nightclub in Paris France; showing full diversity delivering 8 minutes and 41 seconds of hot slappers from up-tempo to neo-soul hip-hop its all on point. Around 7:30 minutes into the video he drops some dope hip-hop love for a moment, but you gotta check out the whole thing!

At Big Noise we just sold our first Custom MPC2000XL customized in-house, man I’d love to see Araab banging on one of our units. Look out for a future post on our first custom MPC2000XL release covered in exotic hardwood. Anyway this post is suppose to be all about Araab Muzik. He will definitely make you reassess your own skill-set and step your game up, the cat is ridiculous on the MPC, check him out, pass it on, watch listen learn! Peace and respect…

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