Big Mike Brings The Community Center Vibe To Unda Ground Music Xtreme Productions

Friday • September 26, 2008 • BY noiseman
Big Mike Brings The Community Center Vibe To Unda Ground Music Xtreme Productions

UGMX was founded by a man who had a life long dream of creating an establishment where youth of all ages could come and showcase their talent while learning to become leaders in life. Mike Robinson (A.K.A. Big Mike) at the age of 14 took his passion and an ear for music and became a DJ. Mike had the natural ability to get the party started and keep it going by connecting with the audience. His passion for music went far beyond just a hobby; he knew that one day he wanted to open his own recording studio. He wanted to own an establishment where those individuals that loved music just as much as he did would come and make the music they believed in. A place where they could share in his vision, feel at home, get the support, encouragement, and guidance to learn what it takes to make their dreams become reality. Mike was fortunate enough to find three individuals that shared his vision and together they created what is now UGMX.

Mike’s two oldest brothers Johnny and Henry along with Mike’s friend Stacey contributed many long hours and sacrifices in creating an establishment that would surpass any and all expectations of what a Recording Studio should be. Johnny and Henry provide a musical ear and with their own individual musical talent, help create that unique sound artists strive to attain. Last but not least, Stacey with her unconditional loyalty, sassy spark and personality give UGMX the charisma every establishment should poses. UGMX brings to our youth and community a place where they not only see dreams become reality, but where they also have the opportunity of becoming entrepreneurs and life long leaders.

Unda Ground Music Xtreme Productions uses state-of-the-art equipment and software to tailor your music and video productions with unsurpassed picture and sound quality. We provide recording for all kinds of projects, from music demos to live performances, to that first release on CD. UGMX is dedicated to all kinds of musical styles and to the artist. We can help with your music project from start to finish, from our recording studio, video production, marketing, commercials, and packaging your CD/DVD. We provide the key ingredients of high quality recording at rates every artist can afford. We create an atmosphere that promotes creativity, individuality, and the support to bring your music dreams to the streets.

UGMX also consists of a very of dedicated staff of Engineers and Video Camera Men, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Producers, and Technical Support that contribute in making Mike’s visions a reality, and the rest well is just as UGMX’s slogan clearly states, It is…What it is…

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