Wanja From Germany Brings The “I Still Love Her” Show To Big Noise Radio USA

Sunday • June 29, 2008 • BY noiseman
Wanja From Germany Brings The

“I Still Love H.E.R”, all hip-hop lovers know where the influence for this captivating title came from. Common Sense hit “I Used To Love H.E.R” critiqued the direction hip-hop was taking during the mid 90’s commenting on the fall of afro centric hip-hop and the rising popularity of west coast rap and G-funk. It is now classed as one of his greatest tracks; this is then obviously a perfect title for a show, which brings you all things hip-hop. Inspiring music both old and new, interviews with all those artists we hip-hop lovers would just love to get to meet and vibe with and of course with a host who has her very own charismatic methods of getting us the information we want to know.

The show on Big Noise Radio consists of a flow of tracks personally selected by Noiseman and Wanja, tracks that always have the ability to spark a reaction from the listener. Whether you start to relive the moment you fell for hip-hop or that night in the club when you lost your voice spitting out verse after verse. Each tune manages to connect you to it and over the seven hours if they want you to take a long journey through the decades of the music we love so much then best believe you brought that plane ticket.

The vast amount of artists the Big Noise Radio Squad has interviewed is more than impressive considering their first show was aired in September of 2006. The journalism bug caught Wanja before that however and now in her archives are the likes of Jazzy Jeff and Rhymefest, Aloe Blacc, Slum Village, Phat Kat, Kev Brown, Buff1, D’Wanye Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone, CunninLynguists, to name but a few. The rapport she holds with each willing subject comes across in her interviews and the skill she has developed over her short time now puts her up there, in my opinion, as a credited hip hop journalist.” – Plex24

Wanja about the statement “Real hip hop is not played on the radio?” I do understand where that statement came from, and I agree to an extent. The people who say this are talking about commercial radio. That’s actually one of the reasons why you will never catch me turning on a traditional radio. Especially over here in Germany I haven’t found any stations that play real Hip-hop. The problem with traditional radio is that it’s commercial; it’s controlled by an industry that is interested in making money. You have people from record labels paying for airplay. I had to realize that the concept of my show will probably NEVER work on traditional radio. A lot of radio hosts do not pick any of the songs that are being played, and that’s something I can’t allow on my show. I have to be in control of the music myself and make sure that it always represents my love for Hip-hop music. I want to give new talent a chance because it doesn’t have one on commercial radio, unless it’s blown up by the media and backed up with stacks of money by their record label. Of course we will never get as many listeners as a commercial radio station with the type of music we play, because it’s not as popular. To me it’s more about serving hundreds who appreciate good music than reaching millions who want to hear the same songs all day long that can already be found on the commercial stations.

Rap music with a message will never have as much commercial success as the songs with catchy hooks and beats to dance to. Mainstream Record labels work with concepts. They have a formula for hit records; they know exactly what they need to put in there to reach the masses. But what they don’t do is create timeless music. They do not serve longevity. That is exactly what true music lover’s need and want and it is what we will continue to give them.
“The “I Still Love H.E.R” show that is broadcast on Big Noise Radio and hosted by Wanja and the Squad is another one of those gems for all hip-hop lovers not to Miss. “ – Plex24

Check out the “I still love H.E.R.” show on Sundays as well as during weekdays on, hip-hop music accessible all day long. Also visit where you can find download options for all previous episodes, and hear your favourite music along with interviews with Hip-hops finest. Show love, leave feedback, requests or comments for the show!

Article: Plex24
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Squad