Ear To The Street! Who’s Bringing That Hiphop Heat In The Tri-City Area?

Thursday • May 29, 2008 • BY noiseman
Ear To The Street! Who’s Bringing That Hiphop Heat In The Tri-City Area?

Recently dubbed the Tri-City Area San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco and surrounding areas have been involved in the hiphop game for about 20 years now. At Big Noise Radio we keep an ear to the street so we can stay up on all the hiphop music coming out of our area. As we make our presence known around the world we’ll try to support artists and organizations like Rasco, The Tones, Bored Stiff, Peanut Butter Wolf, Mf Doom, Lunar Heights, Hieroglyphics, Planet Asia, JOG9, Prince Ali, Masta Steele, Stash Magazine, GGI, UGMX, ABB Records, Unite Records, KSJS, Blacktie Records, Eye 5, On The Corner Music, B Malik, Verse Oakland, El Cali Music and many more.

I recently had a chance to witness a show by Prince Ali at the Voodoo Lounge and it was a sight to be seen! Prince Ali and The Destruments hold down hiphop with a seasoned swagger that must be experienced personally! Warming up the set was J2 on the MIC bringing that flow to a boil with smooth lyrics and Prince Ali on the hype! It was some hiphop classic shit fo-sho. The band was nothing less then full function on the hiphop sound and timing! Prince Ali ripped the set with smash after smash showing us that true hiphop is still in full evolution. Go get that Prince Ali CD from your local record store. There are a few to get: Corner Ensemble, Curbside Service. Keep it locked to for all your latest Prince Ali Joints. Support local hihop heroes!

Because of the large suburban sprawl in our area there are a very diverse group of artists and sounds. Experienced companies will get together and collaborate on quality hiphop projects. Many companies like ABB Records, Hieroglyphics, Blacktie Records, Eye 5, Unite Records, Big Noise Entertainment and so many more are working on quality hiphop projects that will drop across the next few years. Come out and support our local hiphop heroes when you hear about events in the Tri-City area. Together we can make a difference!
Help us keep an “ear to the street” let us know about any tight hiphop acts in the Tri-City area that should be on or networking with our associates:

In the lab, Noiseman is currently working on a MIX Project called “Ear To Da Street” it will be a compilation of MC’s heard on Big Noise Radio, 100% in the mix by The Noiseman. Hosted by some of the great Artists and Hosts on BNR. This will be a mix production to be heard showcasing the hard work put down by the best MC’s and producers in the business. The release of this mix CD will be 100% free and is intended to show you the public what is going on in the underground music seen. We hope to gain listeners as we provide that good Hiphop music on demand. Over the wire, on your PC and your computer screen, we got what you need, 360 degrees of Hiphop music. Keep it lock to BIGNOISERADIO.COM for information on the release date.

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