Gary Of GGI And Urban Picasso Brings Culture And Fashion To The Tri-City Area!

Tuesday • January 29, 2008 • BY noiseman
Gary Of GGI And Urban Picasso Brings Culture And Fashion To The Tri-City Area!

Yeah peoples I want you to check out a place for your fly wrist-gear right here in the Tri-City area! I was introduced to Gary by Supreme in 2007. Gary is an independent entrepreneur working out of San Jose to direct his international operations. I gravitated toward Gary’s designs because of the simple elegance in his timepieces. Stainless steel with mother of pearl and diamonds are some of the materials he uses to create a pallet of chronic excellence. I find that the watches done by some of the rap designers are a bit over the top for regular day to day ware and ask you to check out Gary’s collection for something you can sport during all occasions. He’s got something for the guys and the ladies, and the product is quality merchandise that I ware when I’m doing my thing on the town or just hanging out with some friends After 8.
Gary is a sharp businessman and I partnered up with him to help with the “Ear To The Street” campaign. Gary will be providing a black mens Passport International at 1.5 Carats with stainless steel wristband to the giveaway as a 2nd place prize. This is a quality timepiece with a retail value of over 1,000 dollars that’s not bad! Keep it locked to for details on how to get involved with the Big Noise Radio giveaway.

Gary founder of Garlason Group International is a designer currently working with stainless steel in his watch case designs. “My designs are based on observations of organic shapes and forms but are the product of an emotional and formal process from drawings to finished designs”. Shapes and forms are what it’s all about for me. As a non-objective designer, the process of evaluating relationships is foremost in my mind. I’m always thinking about the relationships between warm and cool, textured and busy, smooth and restful, or organic versus geometric. Organic shapes seem to dominate my work, so I think allot about organizing those shapes. This appears to be a totally intuitive process. I have the confidence to let go and do what I feel is right, then evaluate the results and make adjustments as needed. There are frustrating times when things just are not working, but it’s worthwhile when the process just flows and later you wonder how you achieved it. Those designs always seem to be the most rewarding in the long run. It’s exciting to make the shapes and forms that provide the energy for designing when something finally emerges.

Contact Gary now at GGI for your fine time-ware:

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Phone: 408-393-0778

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