Staff And Interns Needed At Big Noise Radio Stand Up For Hiphop Music!

Thursday • November 29, 2007 • BY noiseman
Staff And Interns Needed At Big Noise Radio Stand Up For Hiphop Music!

Yo peoples now I know there have to be some real hip-hop business cats out there looking to hook up with an up and coming multi-media superstar in the Tri-City area. We got so much hip-hop talent right here in the golden state let alone our beautiful nation where we deliver some of the best hip-hop music in the world. The independent sounds that you hear on Big Noise Radio are the sounds of the future and we are getting worldwide recognition for our efforts in hundreds of countries and cities around the world. Help us build a new standard in independent hip-hop radio format and get involved with the Big Noise movement!

Contact us today if you want to get involved with the hiphop movement here in the Tri-City Area. Computer skills, communication, business and audio skills are a must. We need people to host radio shows, edit audio, manage web-sites, manage promotion accounts, interface with artists and companies, represent Big Noise at events and through online media. Part time potions and internships are currently available. Give us a call today so we can talk about getting you involved with Big Noise Radio at 408-220-4797.

Many thanks to Bryon Malik and Anji Clark for photography, thanks to Scott Hayden, Vivek, Nishi, Jacob Canote, and Sean Green at Shaman Silicon for the web-site development. Thanks to Supreme, B Flatt, Tyranny, Bruce, DH, T-Boy, Masta Steele, Sandra Ray, Margo, Vivian, Brianna, Wanja, Blayze McKee, The Regiment, DJ Reese, Jendor, Mr. Everything, DENT, Prince Ali, DreAn Dealer, Trek Life, JDI, El Cali, Toquon, Gary of GGI and all others for supporting the Big Noise Radio squad!

Throughout history when people are deprived of choice it creates struggle, Big Noise Radio is a voice in the struggle. We believe in worldwide unification and speak in creativity and love with the tools and the staff to work with anyone on all levels. Contact us now and support Hiphop!

Phone: 408-220-4797

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Photo: Zadoka